Amy and David McKinstry's Ancestors

Pictures of Tyra and Cora Mills

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This is my favorite picture of my grandparents.  Yes, Grandpa loved cats.

May 1951.  This gives a good view of the front of their house.

This is Tyra Mills with his two little grandsons.  
Left is Wayne McKinstry (me) and right is Duane Mills.
Ain't we cute.

This is Tyra and Cora Mills' 50th anniversary celebration.  It was held at Robert and June McKinstry's house.  I (Wayne McKinstry) vaguely remember this occasion.

Tyra and Cora were not always old.
 (Which is the way it always seemed to me.)  
I do have some pictures of them when they were young.

Tyra in 1906, age 24

Cora Wilson Mills.  This photograph is undated. 

George Marvin Mills

Marvin, Reba, June
Ages 1, 8, and 3

June and Reba Mills