Our Visit to Amy, Keith, and Lydia

We visited Amy, Keith, and Lydia the last weekend in April.  We were there for Amy's
30th birthday party and the parent-child dedication at Ridgecrest Baptist Church.

Amy's Birthday Party

For Amy's 30th birthday Keith planned a picnic on the land they have bought to build a house on.
It was attended by several relatives, church friends, and former teaching colleagues of Amy.

Lydia is our only grandchild, but on Keith's side of the family she has cousins.
We got to see her interacting with her other grandparents and some of her cousins.

Poppy (Ralph) holds Lydia
Nana (Peggy) shares a blanket with Lydia

Since Keith loves the Mets, Nana sometimes makes Lydia Mets apparel, such as this cap.


Nana has a lapful with Lydia and cousin Grant

Nana plays with Lydia, Grant, and Michael,
a boy from church


Calder is also Lydia's cousin
(he and Grant are brothers)

Lydia watches the three boys play a
little game of catch with her block

Grant tries on Lydia's hat, Calder colors a picture, and they are both good at hiding

Here are some pictures of the grownups at the party

Amy visits with her Bible study group
leader Joe and his son

Amy visits with her orchestra friend
Annette and her husband


Joan (left picture) and Sarah (right picture)
are Amy's former teaching colleagues

Keith's brother Brian and his son Christian are at left
Two boys from church, Michael and Ben, are next to Keith and Amy

Amy poses with her cake

Lydia is all smiles after napping while
Grandpa pushed her in the stroller

Keith's pictures of the party

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