Trip to Maryland - November 2007

Harpers Ferry

One day we went to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

The city is on a point of land formed where the Shenandoah River joins the Potomac River.
We were standing between the rivers here.

The city became an early industrial center because of
the available water power.  This museum exhibit
shows the manufacture of guns.

Harpers Ferry is most famous because of John Brown, who led a group including
slaves to try to steal guns from the armory in hopes of starting a slave revolt.
The plan failed, and all of the group were killed then or executed later.

For a while they took cover in the armory firehouse, now called John Brown's Fort and preserved here but not in its original location.

The National Historic Site had several small museums telling about the history of Harpers Ferry.
Harpers Ferry was the location of a Civil War battle, Stover College (a school for freed slaves),
and several floods that destroyed the town from time to time.

We looked inside this historic boarding house

Another view of the boarding house (above)
and a tree seen from its upper porch (right)

A beautiful Catholic church was built when Irish workers moved to Harpers Ferry

The church as seen from the boarding house

The church is high on a hill

The ruins of another church are even further up the hill

A cellar under a hillside (above)

Steps leading up a hill (middle)

A street with a beautiful view of the mountains

More views of the mountains

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