Our trip to Hannibal, MO

Tuesday, July 12, we took a day trip to the birthplace of Mark Twain

This sign is visible from the river.

Tom and Huck were there to welcome us.

Wayne soon felt right at home with Mark Twain and his characters.

Shirley is going for a stagecoach ride.

Are you sure we're going the right way?

The Becky Thatcher House

Shirley is not going to help paint this fence.

We climbed ALL the way up to this lighthouse!!
As seen from the river.

We took a ride on the Mark Twain steamboat.
It may be a steamboat, but I thought I smelled diesel (??)

Sir Randall

At first this tugboat was alongside the Mark Twain, then later it was trying to push a barge in the river.

The Molly Brown house.  Her biggest claim to fame
seems to be that she did not go down with the Titanic.
Behind her house is this picturesque old pump.  
Guess what the little building is.

We went to a nearby park, and saw these views of the river.

And, Wayne could not resist taking some flower pictures.

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