Lydia's First Birthday Party

Lydia turned one year old on September 27, 2007, and her party was on September 29.

Guests were welcomed by a sign
stuck in the flower bed outside
the fire station community room.

Since Lydia's favorite word is "hat",
the theme was hats and
each guest was asked to wear a hat.

The table decorations were balloons and hats.

Pin the Hat on Lydia was a game for the kids bigger than Lydia.

Amy demonstrates how to
play the game.

After Keith spins him around, Christian gets ready
to stick on a hat while Mason watches.

Lydia decides to check out an unwrapped present that looks interesting.

Mommy and Lydia look at all the packages.

Emily, a neighbor, watches as
Lydia and Mommy open a card.

Calder and Grant help Lydia
open the package that they brought.

Mommy must be opening something interesting.

Lydia decides to play with a new toy while
Mommy opens the rest of the packages.

Grant and Emily help Lydia
check out her new presents.

There was a large cake and also a small one
just for Lydia.


Lydia checked out her cake after
Calder helped blow out the candle.

Sugar seems unfamiliar after a
healthy baby diet.


Both Grandma and Nana got some Lydia time.

A video clip of Lydia walking.

This one has a cute laugh at the end.

Lydia dancing to the music.

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