Lydia - 3 Weeks Old

Shirley had the chance to spend 3 days with Lydia and her parents.
Lydia was 9 pounds at birth, and now she weighs 10 pounds.

Lydia reading a book with Mommy


Lydia likes for Daddy to hold her


Lydia in her swing

All this swinging makes a girl sleepy


Lydia lying in her floor playground

Right now she doesn't pay much attention to the dangling things - the legs are closer to look at

Tummy  time on the Snoopy quilt

Lydia doesn't like to ride in her car seat
except when she's asleep.

The same seat fits into her stroller too.


Lydia with Daddy and Mommy

Lydia with Grandma

Lydia looks up at Mommy and Daddy, who love her very much

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