David and Lindsay's Wedding

We traveled to Front Royal, Virginia, for David and Lindsay's wedding on June 30, 2007.
The two of us flew to Virginia, as did the Illinois groomsmen, but Mom, Aunt Lotella, and
Uncle Phil drove from Illinois, and Amy, Keith, and Lydia drove from Missouri.

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Be sure to check out Amy's videos of the wedding!

Before the Wedding

The rehearsal was held in a church because the rehearsal day was very rainy.  The church was
also the rain location for the wedding, but, as you will see, the wedding day turned out beautiful.

The day of the wedding we shared an early supper/snack with David's friends and relatives at our hotel.

Amy visits with David's friends from Illinois, who were groomsmen.

Uncle Phil, Aunt Lotella, and Mom were there, as well as Lydia, who didn't eat any of the sandwiches.

The Wedding

All of us are dressed for the wedding
and ready for picture-taking.

The wedding was held at the home of Lindsay's grandparents, Eddie and Norann,
near Bentonville, Virginia, with a beautiful view of the mountains.

Grandpa Eddie

The wedding party members made their entrance
from the sunroom doors at the left.


The Reception

I didn't mean for this picture to turn out weird, but it has a somewhat interesting effect.
However, Amy has a good video of this event among her great wedding videos.

Afterwards I made a
picture of my corsage.

Other Pictures from the Weekend


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