Amy and David McKinstry's Ancestors

Tyra Alex Mills

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Tyra Alex Mills

Tyra Mills' obit

George Edker Mills
George Mills' obit

To George Edker and Nancy Mills wore born:
  • Curtis B. Mills
  • (George) Edker (also known as Edmund or Edward)
  • Tyra Alex
    • Reba Married Clair Byars
      • Vernon
        • Brenda
        • Lisa
    • Mildred June Married Robert McKinstry
      • Wayne McKinstry
    • George Marvin
      • Duane
      • Merrit
      • Carol
  • Cloyd
  • Norman
  • Authur
  • Hattie
  • Nettie

Nancy Alvis Mills
Nancy Mills' obit

George Mills' Ancestors were
  Bradley & Rebecca Ellis Mills
Nancy Alvis's Ancestors were
  Tyra Alvis & Mary Brown