Amy and David McKinstry's Ancestors

Robert McKinstry

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Robert McKinstry
Born 2/23/1912
Died 5/18/1983
Robert McKinstry's Army Discharge Papers

Robert McKinstry's obit

The little baby is Raymond.  Yes, they used to put little boys in dresses.

Tom McKinstry

Married July 2, 1903
Winnie McCune McKinstry

To Tom and Winnie were born six children:
Raymond Born July 13, 1905
  Never married, no children.
Elmer born July 18, 1907
  Married Mildred,
Child Sara Beth
Robert Born Feb 23, 1912 died May 18, 1983
  (featured above)
   Married June Mills
  Child Wayne McKinstry
(The humble author of this genelogy site).
Harold ("Kelly") Born Feb 7, 1915
  Never married, no children.
Helen Born June 19, 1917
  Married John Hubler,
Children Delores, Kay, Donnie, Carl
Rachel born May 20, 1920
  Married Ray Francis,
Children Harold Ray, Donna, Keith, Paula

Tom McKinstry's Ancestors
Winnie McCune's Ancestors      

Winnie McCune McKinstry's Obit          

More pictures of Robert McKinstry

The McKinstry Family Bible

Below is a picture of the McKinstry farm, early 1900's.  
This was taken from the field across the road from the farmstead.

This is the same farm, decades later.  
I believe it is Robert McKinstry (my Dad) standing in the road near the mailbox.

Winnie McKinstry and her daughter in law, June Mills McKinstry

The old McKinstry house, where Wayne McKinstry grew up.  This is probably the 1950's because I see a TV antenna.  Otherwise, it is much the same as decades before.